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High School Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome to Apologia’s high school curriculum. Explore our available high school courses, including everything you need–textbooks, notebooks, video lessons, audiobooks, online courses, and live classes designed to provide homeschool students with quality education written from a Biblical worldview.

Our homeschool curriculum is thoughtfully designed to allow students to learn independently at their own pace. With supporting resources for all learning styles, Apologia’s high school curriculum can be adapted to how students learn best. Discover how Apologia’s award-winning curriculum can empower your high schooler to launch into a successful future.

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Navigating the Homeschool Adventure

Whether you’re just embarking on your homeschool journey or have been walking the path for many years, Apologia’s Homeschool Bootcamp is for you.

This FREE video series will help you navigate the homeschool journey with practical, down-to-earth guidance and wisdom gained from experienced homeschool parents on the path.

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Helpful Resources


  • Are Apologia High School science courses considered honors level?

    The following Apologia courses could be considered honors if a student has demonstrated good knowledge of the prerequisite subject and desires to go deeper into an advanced subject:

    • Advanced Biology
    • Advanced Chemistry
    • Advanced Physics

    Our grade level courses could be considered honors if students perform and document ALL experiments and textbook work. Typically, an honors course adds new materials to the existing course. We recommend using the corresponding student notebooks for honors courses because our notebooks add additional content to the textbook curriculum. 

  • How many grades are in High School?

    High school typically lasts from grades 9 through 12. Students usually enter high school at around 14 or 15 and graduate at around 17 or 18.

  • Are Apologia High School courses considered AP?

    Apologia textbooks are NOT certified as AP, although they are considered college-prep-level courses.

    However, many of our students have written to let us know that they have used our textbooks to pass AP and CLEP exams successfully. We also recommend that students preparing to take these tests purchase study guides and practice tests from AP/CLEP providers. This will allow the student and parent to better prepare and see what is covered on the tests.