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Designed with Your Student in Mind

Apologia knows that each child is created and blessed with unique learning styles. We intentionally design our curriculum to reach out to students in multiple ways and draw them into the subject matter. Our goal is to recognize and support students’ different learning styles and create a homeschool curriculum to help all students achieve personal success.

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Written from a Biblical Worldview

Apologia believes that the Bible is the holy, inspired, infallible word of God. The Bible cannot err. We believe that the Bible teaches that God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing in six days. We conclude that scientific evidence points to the earth being young (i.e. thousands rather than millions of years old).

We understand and respect that there are Biblically committed believers that hold a different view of the earth’s age based on scientific evidence. Apologia science textbooks teach the scientific method of evaluating evidence and testing hypotheses and theories.


  • Apologia’s Curriculum is Creation-based with a Biblical worldview

    Let’s be honest: secular curriculum is a dislocation of the human person from the universe. It uproots a student from his or her proper place in God’s universe and provides only horizontal movement from one topic and grade to another.

    Albert Einstein said, “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” Secular textbooks are only providing information. They do nothing to help your child see his or her unique place in God’s universe. As Christian parents, it is our purpose to teach our children to both understand and interact with the universe so that they can truly respect and love God’s handiwork. We have the joy, the honor, and the blessing to create learning environments that help our children become rooted and firmly established in recognizing God’s signature throughout all creation so that our children know the length, width, height, and depth of God’s love.

    Apologia’s creation-based curriculum constantly draws students toward a higher order of values and facts. It is a true blessing to be able to define and teach the scientific and mathematical mysteries of the universe to our children from a foundational biblical worldview. There isn’t a firmer foundation on which to base our children’s knowledge. 

    At Apologia, we not only see the beautiful truth in Romans 1:20, but we design our curriculum to be faithful to this truth. “For His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse.”

  • Apologia’s Textbooks Are Written to the Student in a Conversational Tone

    Apologia’s textbooks serve as the teacher and are written in a conversational way that engages and speaks directly with the student. Right from the start, the tone in our courses lets students know that they will study the subject matter as a tool to help them understand their unique place in all of the universe.

    Our textbooks talk “to” the student, not “at” the student like so many other textbooks on the market. Students participate in the conversation, becoming comfortable with the scientific and mathematical terms so they can have a conversation about the subject matter when the textbook is on the shelf at the end of the day, but the conversation is just beginning around the dinner table.

  • Apologia Engages Students with Hands-on Learning

    For a science or a math curriculum to have solid content, it should have a hands-on component easily performed in a homeschool setting. Textbooks are necessary to help students acquire facts, yet it is essential for students to actively participate in the process of discovery to gain a personal awareness of their world. Apologia’s hands-on components help students link collections of facts to their natural world.

    Apologia’s science textbooks have two types of laboratory exercises, most using common household items. Controlled experiments teach the student about formulating a hypothesis and data collection. Descriptive experiments, such as microscopy work, field studies, and dissections, teach the student about qualitative observations. 

    In mathematics, each Apologia lesson begins with an activity to help children grasp abstract mathematical concepts. It might be playing a game that teaches coordinates; it might be using manipulatives to visualize an upcoming lesson; or it might even be playing a card game without even realizing that multiplication is involved.

  • Apologia’s Curriculum is Developed to Inspire a Lifelong Love of Learning

    The end of a chapter in a science or math textbook is only the beginning. The knowledge gained from academic study is meant to be the stepping-stone that starts the journey, guides the interaction, leads to more discovery, and points to the wonder of God. True knowledge roots itself when students close the book, open their minds, interact with God’s world, and appreciate God’s magnificence.

    Through Apologia’s curriculum, students will develop a lifelong love of learning and experience the wonder and awe of Creation throughout their education. By equipping both parents and students with the tools they need, homeschool families can achieve their academic goals and develop an understanding and love for God that informs how they navigate the world for the rest of their lives.

  • Apologia is Academically Rigorous

    Both science and math are intellectual activities based on fact. Students should be challenged to think critically and analyze and question data. And since we live in an age when new discoveries are an almost daily occurrence, a solid curriculum should be current. Apologia textbooks are not only written by experts in the field, but they are also technically edited by scientific, medical, and mathematical professionals. There are materials for both the student and the parent so that everyone can grow in knowledge together. In addition, each Apologia textbook gives your family access to a unique website with links that connect your students with the most up-to-date information from the scientific and mathematical communities and the most current research being done in laboratories, the field, and in outer space.

    Apologia’s curriculum aims to prepare children with the tools to use wisdom, reasoning, and critical thinking throughout their lives.

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Developed by leading scholars, Apologia’s textbooks serve as the teacher and are written in a conversational way that engages students and promotes hands-on activities. In addition to our quality textbooks, we offer online and on-demand classes, self-paced learning, and audio and video components to accommodate every student’s unique learning style.

By equipping homeschool families with the tools they need, parents and students can achieve their academic goals and develop an understanding and love for God that informs how they navigate the world for the rest of their lives.

  • Christ-centered curriculum written from a Biblical worldview
  • Apologia has been voted #1 for over 12 years in a row
  • Renowned for excellence in teaching science
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What Families & Students Are Saying About Apologia


“We are using Levels 1 and 2 in our homeschool. My kids never get bored since each lesson uses different manipulatives and activities to teach the concepts. I am so impressed with how well the books are written and especially love using generic manipulatives and household items we already have. My 2nd grader gets easily frustrated when things take too long or are too complicated, so each lesson’s amount of work is perfect for him! It usually takes him about 15-20 minutes per lesson.”

– Homeschooling Parent


“Hi! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your spiritual views that combine God’s marvelous works with science! Truly, Apologia has tremendously enhanced my learning experience to pursue a health career since I want to work in the medical field. This is my favorite science; other science companies I have just read and never retained anything. With Apologia, they introduce REAL concepts and help me understand to a great extent! Great job on such amazing books! I will recommend this science to anyone who needs it. Every day I love using this science to learn about all kinds of fields as part of my assignments. Truly a great curriculum. Thanks so much!”

– Homeschool Mom


“I know that Apologia is a great college preparation because Alex (my non-scientist son) was able to pass a CLEP in Biology 3 years after taking Apologia Biology at home. And he earned a 4.0 in Engineering Physics in college after taking Apologia Physics. Remember, he is NOT my science major. I made him take that engineering physics at community college with his brother because he was too young to take a class by himself. So he learned well from the books even though he didn’t “love” science. Apologia is GREAT stuff.”

– Homeschool Mom, Read Full Review