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Elementary Anatomy Homeschool Curriculum

Recommended Grade Level: K-6th grade

Shop Apologia’s Christian elementary homeschooling curriculum and resources that dive deep into the study of anatomy and physiology from a Biblical worldview. Discover the fascinating world of the human body with our engaging anatomy and physiology course enriched with captivating visuals, notebooking journals, and hands-on learning activities.

Enhance your child’s study of anatomy and physiology with an audiobook version of the course, allowing students to listen while they learn the fascinating science of human anatomy. Explore Apologia’s anatomy and physiology curriculum tailored for young learners, making the study of the human body an exciting educational journey. Find the perfect resources to ignite curiosity and deepen student’s understanding of the intricate and amazing design of the human body–from head to toe.

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Helpful Resources


  • Is reproduction discussed in the elementary Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook?

    In Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Lesson 14 covers growth and development. In this lesson, a section discusses how we started from a single cell, which divided many times. These cells developed into a person, which grew inside the mother’s womb. This lesson explains the development of each person outside the womb and progresses to explain genetics, chromosomes, mitosis, and meiosis. The lesson then concludes with a discussion on being made in the image of God.

    Another section compares creation and evolution, and students are encouraged to continue their growth and development with daily reading in God’s Word. In this textbook, the terms “sperm,” “egg,” and “abortion” are never used. The textbook does not teach details of sexual health or the physical and hormonal changes that occur during the teen years.

  • Why does my Anatomy and Physiology textbook not match up with the audio?

    Starting with the 4th printing of the Anatomy and Physiology textbook, there were changes made to several sections which were more extensive than are typically made.  If you are using the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd printings of the textbook, your textbook will not match up completely with the audio since the audio reflects these changes.