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Writers in Residence 2 Media Kit

Full Set Description:

Item Description: Writers in Residence provides kids with a biblical framework to think about wordsand communicate effectively in writing. The culture wants to rob your children of their God-given voices by turning them into passive consumers who can express themselves only in abbreviations and emoticons, but Writers in Residence will help them tap into their creativity and unleash their voices for God’s glory!

This powerful learning tool includes:
• Stimulating exercises that build grammar skills and help young writers make dynamic word choices
• Inspirational interviews with professional Christian authors
• A detailed 32-week lesson plan that makes planning and teaching a breeze
• Evaluation rubric for every assignment that takes the guesswork out of evaluating your child’s writing Writers in Residence, Volume 1: Apprentice isa great way for children to build a personal writing portfolio that will serve as a keepsake and inspiration as they begin the journey to writing mastery.

NOTE: The price of this course includes two items. The spiral-bound textbook/ workbook contains all student material, lesson plans, activities, assignments, and writing exercises. The softcover answer key is your road map to using Writers in Residence and includes checklists,

Answer Key Description:

Item Description: Writers in Residence TAKES THE PAIN OUT OF Teaching Kids to Write! This Answer Key is your road map to using Writers in Residence, Volume 2. This Answer Key contains answers or sample answers for the following student activities from the Student Text and Workbook:

• activities where one correct answer is required
• activities where answers may vary, but a set range of answers is acceptable
• activities where the student is asked to give examples

Writers in Residence Vol 2 Answer Key Info Sheet

Writers in Residence 2 Full Set Info Sheet

Writers in Residence 2 Info Sheet


Writers in Residence 2 – Table of Contents