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Practical Help to Explore and Direct Your Career Plans with High School Internships.

An internship is actually a way to dip your toe in and see if a job suits you. A well planned high school internship is probably the best investment of time you can make toward a great career. In this book Sherri Seligson has already laid out the plan superbly–step by step!

What's Inside Internship for High School Credit?

Seligson leaves nothing out: samples, charts, worksheets, research activities–and very clear instructions on how to document skills learned, hours completed, and transcript information. Internship for High School Credit contains everything you need to know. It's your Go-To Guide for Internship Success!

Part I

Getting Started

First, Seligson gets you prepared: overview of high school internships–how this book works–meeting credit requirements–which career is for you (and which company)–strong resume, strong introduction, strong interview...and much more (–she even tells you which shirt to wear!)

Part II

Information for Parents

There are some things that are best seen to by parents–vetting the workplace environment–child labor laws–transcript documentation–credit requirements–grading the work...all written in Seligson's clear, easy style. 

Part III

First Semester

Seligson doesn't just blow off the worksheets in this book. They are well thought out–and she explains not just the what but the why. The picture of your career continues to focus as you work. She helps you think through things–and reminds you of tasks and why they are important. 

Part IV

Second Semester

The instructions here are not just the same song, second verse. Seligson builds on what you've already done–and the seasoned confidence you've gained. (You get the feeling that maybe this is not just theory with Seligson–that she has actually done this same high school internship herself!)

Part V

Course Wrap-Up

Follow-through is extremely important: writing a final overview of your experiences–a thank you note (again, with a superb sample)–asking for a letter of recommendation–updating your resume...things that really pay off the investment you've made toward future employment. 

Start Exploring!

A successful high school internship begins with this book. 

"Often a student completes a major in a four-year university before they ever cross the threshold of a company in their field. By interning as a high school student, not only are they able to discover what they like or dislike about a job, but it will also be much easier to choose a major."

"Although much knowledge can be gained through a college education and many careers require a college degree, a high school internship or apprenticeship is unparalleled for practical learning."

About the Author

"I want to help parents navigate the high school internship process for a truly educational experience."

Sherri Seligson

Sherri Seligson is an enthusiastic marine biologist, avid educational writer, encouraging international speaker, and seasoned homeschoolmother. She and her husband, David, have homeschooled their four children for twenty-one years, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. All four have completed or are working on college degrees or advanced degrees in their respective fields. 

Sherri is the author of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Marine Biology high school science curriculum. She is also the author and instructor for Apologia's video instructional DVD series that accompany the high school biology, chemistry, and advanced biology textbooks. 

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