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Bubble Science Activity – Free video and e-Book

Turn the classic family activity into a bubble science activity with this video and free e-book from Apologia. Watch this short how-to video and then download the entire lesson, with science explanation, by clicking the download button below.

Make this bubble science activity a year-round experiment. Complete the bubble science lesson during cold temperatures and then again in the spring or summer, during warmer temperatures. Do you observe any differences?



Download the bubble science activity lesson e-book by clicking the button below.

Science of Autumn Science Activity e-Book


If you enjoyed this science activity for kids, check out our Chicken Clucking Sound Science Activity and The Science of Autumn science activity e-book for the entire family.








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  1. unable to download- keeps giving 02 erroe!

    • Hi Nicole:
      We just emailed you the direct link. Please let us know if this doesn’t work for you.
      Thank you!