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 Enjoy a FREE e-Book of 7 science activities from Apologia's award-winning, creation-based science curriculum, the Young Explorer series, authored by Jeannie Fulbright. For grades Kindergarten-6th grades, the Young Explorer series helps students investigate, discover, recognize, appreciate, discuss, and understand the wonders of Creation.

What's Inside

Your family will enjoy the following activities taken from the Young Exlorer series by Jeannie Fulbright and Apologia:

  •  A "Let's Visit the Planets" activity
  •  Genesis 2:1 coloring page
  •  "Split a Squash" experiment
  •  Isaiah 30:23 coloring page
  •  An early spring activity studying bird nests
  •  Ecclesiastes 3:11 coloring page
  •  Cold Water - Hot Water experiment 
  •  Psalm 148:7 coloring page
  •  Animal camouflage activity
  •  Genesis 9:14-15 coloring page
  •  "Testing Taste" experiment
  •  Leviticus 26:3-4 coloring page
  •  Earth's Water Cycle activity
  • John 4:14 coloring page
  •  Access to 2 additional FREE activity e-Books!

What ages can use the Young Explorer Series?

Our elementary science is written for students in K-6th grades, typically ages 5 to 12. The content can be understood by a kindergartener but can also be enjoyed by a sixth-grader. Whatever their ages, your young explorers will become real scientists observing nature, participating in hands-on activities, and documenting what they learn.

Should we do the Young Exper Series in a particular order? 

No, and that’s the beauty of the Young Explorer Series. We recommend you begin with the topic you and your students believe to be most interesting right now. Download the first lesson of each title at to explore them in more depth before choosing.

Do these courses in the Young Explorer series come with a lesson plan?

A recommended schedule is provided inside every notebooking journal. However, each course is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to your child’s unique learning style and your family’s schedule. Our lesson plan is only a guideline to help you plan for your child’s pace of learning.

Do the Young Explorer books cover a full year or just a semester?

That’s entirely up to you and your student. Our recommended schedule covers a full year for each title and assumes that you will do science twice a week. However, some students jump right in and immerse themselves in the subject, while other students enjoy a more deliberate pace. Again, each title in the series is designed for maximum flexibility to fit with your family’s needs.

Can I use both the regular and junior notebooking journals with multiple students?

Yes, the two can be used together. The junior notebooking journal includes the same mini-books and covers the same topics, but activities that require more writing have been replaced with coloring pages. You can compare the regular and junior notebooking journals and decide which is right for your child by downloading samples at apologia. com.

We just started homeschooling and won’t finish all the Young Explorer titles before moving on to middle school. Is that okay?

 Absolutely! In addition to promoting a foundational understanding of the scientific method, the primary goals in elementary science should be to foster a love of learning and to point the student to the Creator of all things. All the Young Explorer books are written and designed with this end in mind.

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About the Author

Jeannie Fulbright

 Jeannie Fulbright is a mother of four and the author of Apologia’s Young Explorer Series. Jeannie and her husband, Jeff, have dedicated their time to teaching and encouraging families, speaking on topics such as developing a powerful prayer life, building a strong marriage, nurturing a happy and healthy family, and handling the nuts and bolts of homeschooling.

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